A Labyrinth is an ancient geometric pattern that has been used for thousands of years as a tool for prayer, meditation and reflection. They have been used all over the world by people from many different cultures, religions and beliefs.

It is not known when they were originally used and what for but it is believed they were used as a connection to God or the Divine Deity of the persons belief system.Labyrinths re emerge every so often in history and the most famous one which exists today is the Medieval one in Chartres Cathedral in France.

There has been another re emergence of Labyrinths in the last 40 years or so and many have been built all over the world in both public places such as hospitals, universities and parks and by individuals for their homes.

Labyrinths come in different sizes, shapes and patterns but all hold the same concept or use.

The Labyrinth has many metaphoric meanings and uses.

• It can represent the Souls earthly journey through life.

• It can be seen as a journey to God.

• Its similarity to the brain in design links it to the left (male) and right (female) sides of the brain and the need to bring balance into our lives in all areas — balance in our emotions and feelings and balance in the way we think, work, sleep, eat and play. If we are out of balance in some aspect of our life then this may eventually lead to an imbalance in our physical body through illness and disease (Dis –ease written this way enables you to see that disease is the opposite of being at ease).

• The Labyrinth has links to the tree of life and our connection to both heaven and earth. We are divine Souls having a physical experience on earth and walking a Labyrinth is a reminder for us that we are always connected to the non physical dimensions ie both our Souls and our Divine creator as well as to the physical ie the planet we live on and our bodies.

If you would like to experience our Labyrinth (and all Labyrinths hold their own individual energy) then please see our Events page if you would like to attend one of our workshops or groups. Alternatively if you would like to experience the Labyrinth on your own or with a group of friends please contact me to arrange this (see contacts page).




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