I am trained in the following modalities:
Master Level in Usui Reiki
Master level in Angelic Reiki
Spiritual Healer trained through the BHA (British Healers Association)
Professional Crystal Therapist to Advanced level
HDH Unified healing.
Reiki Drum Practitioner.

In a healing session it is common for me to use a combination of all or some of the healing modalities I am trained in depending on what is required in each session.

What is Healing and what is it used for?

Healing is the transfer of Universal energies through the healer and into the client. The healer acts as a channel who offers him or herself as a channel so that universal energies can pass through into the client. With Crystal healing it is the same except crystals are used as well so there is the additional benefit of the healing properties of the crystals themselves. Although most people only think to seek healing at the point of actual injury or diagnosis of an illness, I have found that some of the most profound healings, I have had the privilege to be part of, have taken place at the emotional level.

It is at this earlier stage of dis-ease when the body starts to give the little signs and hints that maybe something is not quite right that in an ideal world we should take heed. For those not familiar with healing I will do a short list below of the types of illness that healing may help but as a general rule of thumb and as the phrase goes, healing is for the Mind the Body and the Soul/Spirit.

• Physical ailments: Broken bones, nose bleeds, Aches & Pains, headaches etc
• Illness/Disease: Arthritis, cancer etc
• Emotional & Mental: Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, feeling generally low or under the weather.
• Soul: To help connect, centre and focus on your Souls growth & purpose

What happens in a healing session?

There will be a talk to start with to discuss the reasons why the healing is required at which point the client can ask any questions they like. The client can choose to either sit or lay down for the healing. The client stays fully clothed apart from shoes. The healer may lay hands onto the body for short periods of time and crystals are also placed on the body. Clients have a profoundly relaxing experience as they listen to music. The whole session lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours with the actual healing taking approximately 1 hour. Afterwards there will be another opportunity for any questions and a discussion on the healing itself. If you have never experienced healing and would like to bring a friend or relative with you they are quite welcome to sit in the healing room with you.

Distance Healing

Distance or remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bounded by time or space, and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.

I do not charge for this service and if there is anyone you would like to send healing to please contact me with their name and I will include in my distant healing sessions which I do on a weekly basis.

Individual Healing Sessions are 30.00

Please contact me to make an appointment or ask any questions.




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