Lions Gateway Celebration

Lions Gateway.

Wednesday 8th August  – 7pm to 9.30pm

An evening of numerology as we talk about and connect with the 8.8 doorway known as the Lions Gateway, the moment when the Sun is at its peak in the sign of Leo. It is said to be a Star Gate portal, a moment with great opportunity for transformation.



The key events of this day are : It holds the energy of the number 8.8. Sirius is at peak alignment with earth and on this day  aligns with the great pyramid at Giza and also Orion’s Belt. Earth also aligns with our galactic centre on this day. Both the ancient Egyptians and Mayans saw this astrological moment as a planetary new year. Need we say more !

Our focus will be on how we can connect with and use this days energy and the planetary energies for our personal growth and the consciousness of the planet.

We are delighted to have Barbara Wingrove, Healer, Life Coach and Numerology aficionado,  join us who will share her thoughts on this powerful day from a Numerological point of view.

The evening will also include Meditations,  Reflection and Labyrinth walk.

COST: £20.00 payable in advance
Please note that places are limited due to the space available in the yurt.

BOOKING: Please email me at to book and receive payment details, directions and parking instructions and for any other questions.

What you may need to know when visiting us:-

WHAT TO BRING: Appropriate clothing for the days weather, out door shoes or boots, again depending on the weather. Blankets cushions or deckchairs for use in the Yurt.
DISABILITIES: The Labyrinth is at the bottom of a field and so unfortunately wheelchair use is quite difficult. The field is also quite uneven so again anyone with walking disabilities may struggle. We can however arrange to get a vehicle into the field to get a little closer but wouldn’t be able to drive right up to the Labyrinth. We would need to know in advance that you were coming to be able to arrange this.
TOILETS: There are toilets available for use but these are at the top of the field so there will be a short walk if needed.
POSTCODE: for SAT NAV: PE280QR this is for the whole village of Bythorn so please email me for local instructions when booking.
REFRESHMENTS: Water and hot drinks along with some home made cake provided. Please bring your own snacks if you have food allergies.


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